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Alden Fixed Seat


Since 1973, Alden Rowing has been an innovator of adapting rowing equipment to meet the demands of the adaptive rower – including the recreational to world class athlete. We’ve listened to what you want and have produced equipment that is value priced, rugged, easy to adjust, and able to adapt to a multitude of uses.

Mounting Options & Specifications below
Kit includes:

• Seat Base
• Back and Seat Pads
• Chest and Lap Straps
• Erg Spacer Set

Mounting Options

• Monorail-C2 erg (1 pair tall spacers fits over existing sliding seat) or barge monorail

• Alden Star 22′ 1x or 29′ 2x sliding seat track (uses 1 pair seat track plates)
• Alden Oarmaster drop in unit (uses Oarmaster Adaptor kit to secure to tracks)
• Alden Row Wing monorail unit (uses 1 pair short spacer clamp)
• Other racing and recreational rowing shells (specify track width)
• Adaptive Sliding Seat- can be modified for all above applications

Don’t see what you need? Call us to discuss how we can adapt your equipment (978) 263-9010

Adaptive Seat Specifications

Seat Frame

• Weight- 16 lbs (includes seat pads & straps)
• Seat Top- 17″ tall x 11″ wide
• Seat Bottom Pad- 17″deep x 14″ wide, 2″ thickness
• Seat Bottom- 17″deep x 14″ wide (attachment frame 22″ deep x 11″ wide x 2″ high)

Back Adjustment

• Back pad adjusts from 84 to 122-degree angle. Pull pins allow back support to lay flat if desired.
• Back pad height adjusts 1-7″ at 1.5″ increments for ideal placement of the chest strap.