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Alden 16


The Alden 16 is the most popular recreational rowing shell in the world. It delivers satisfying speed, and can be rowed by anyone, anywhere, at anytime. The exclusive hull design is the key. The flared bow lifts the boat over waves and the flat bottom provides stability. The Alden 16 uses the patented Oarmaster drop-in unit weighing only 18 lbs, you can quickly rig and unrig your shell for an enjoyable row. The manageable length and hull weight means the Alden 16 is easy to transport, so you can row wherever you would like. The dropped keel design eliminates the need for a skeg, so it launches easily from a beach.

The first Alden 16 was rowed by the designer into the teeth of 62 MPH winds from Tropical Storm Doria in order to confirm the shell's seaworthiness. Thousands of people have rowed the Alden 16 in calmer conditions since. They are raced at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Cambridge, MA and are used as touring vessels all over the United States as well as in such far off locations as the Island of Chuuk in the Pacific Ocean.


Length: 16'Width: Waterline Beam 24″ Overall Beam 25″

Weight: 40 lbs

Funtional Wt Cap: Approx. 200 lbs

Construction: Hand laid fiberglass, thermoplastic polymers, marine finish, fore and aft bulkheads with positive foam floatation.

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Price – Includes hull and rigging. Oars sold separately.

Fiberglass $3495

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