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You’ve got adventure on your mind. We’ve got you covered.

You’ve got adventure on your mind. We’ve got you covered.

You’ve got adventure on your mind. We’ve got you covered.

You’ve got adventure on your mind. We’ve got you covered.

The Alden Story
For over four decades we have been designing and manufacturing rowing shells that are now being used in every corner of the world.  Alden shells are known for their and stable rowing characteristics, high manufacturing quality, and affordable prices. Whether your rowing an Alden 16 or our new Surf Scull SUP Rig you know its built to last.  The original Alden Ocean Shells are still gliding across the water after more than 40 years.

Made in the USA!  

Arthur E. Martin, Naval Architect  Arthur Martin was a down-east yankee who designed the most popular recreational rowing shell in the world, the Alden Ocean Shell. Trained as a naval architect, Arthur spent World War II working in the central technical department of Bethlehem Steel Corp., and eventually ended up in Kittery Point Maine where he owned and operated Martin Marine Company, later called Alden Rowing, with his wife Marjorie until his death in 1990.


Gary G. Piantedosi

Gary Piantedosi’s personal rowing career began at MIT, where he was also trained as a mechanical engineer.  His crews won silver medals at the 1973, ’74 and ’75 Eastern Sprints and IRAs.  He was a spare for the US World Champion Eight in 1974, rowed the Straight Pair in the 1975 PanAm Games and the Straight Four in the 1976 Olympics.  Today, Gary is an avid Masters sweep rower and an open ocean racer who enjoys competing wherever there are waves.  As an Olympian, Gary brings proven experience in the competitive rowing world and as an MIT-trained engineer, his technical prowess has been well-honed.For more than thirty years, Gary Piantedosi has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the rowing world.  Row-Right.com, a division of Alden, was founded by Gary. Gary is now the General Manager of Alden Rowing.

We are based in Concord Massachusetts at 277 Baker Ave.  Our office and shop shares space with Composite Engineering where Van Dusen racing shells are manufactured.  Our combined rowing shell design and manufacturing experience is measured in centuries not decades.  Alden’s employees enjoy building your rowing equipment and have made it their life long career with some having been with us for more than 35 years.  When you buy an Alden you know we will be there to support you and your boat.

Alden Sales Representatives

Alden Rowing Shells has a  number of knowledgeable Sales Representatives who stock our rowing shells and are able to meet with you for rowing demostrations, service and sales. These names are listed below.

We also maintain relationships with a select number of rowing enthusiast, members of our Team Alden Network, with whom we can call upon to provide demos where we may not have a sales representative.


If you do not find an Alden Representative conveniently located near you please call us at (978) 263-9010 or email Info@RowAlden.com.

With thousands of Alden Rowing Shells rowed in the US and Worldwide, we will find a way to share this wonderful experience with you!

United States

State City Dealer Contact Phone Email Website
CT Norwalk The Smal Boat Shop Gaeton Andretta (203) 854-5223 mkct131@sbsglobal.net www.thesmallboatshop.com
KS Leawood AM Rowing Patricia Soptic (913) 381-3383 amrowing@aol.com www.amrowing.com
MA Boxborough Alden Rowing Shells (978) 263-9010 info@rowalden.com www.rowalden.com
MD Rockhall Chesapeake Rowing Tom McGlinn (410) 639-7172 rowing@chesrowing.com www.chesapeakerowing.com
MN Minneapolis Minnesota Rowing Tom Alagna (612) 926-2538 talagna@mnuswest.net www.minnesotarowing.com
NY Queensbury Adirondak Rowing Pete Gallo (518) 745-7699 adkrowing@adelphia.net www.adirondackrowing.com
OH Perrysburg Valley Scullers George LeBoutilier (419) 874-5505 geosculler@aol.com www.valleyscullers.com
TN Clinton Recreational Activities Marty Strones (301) 520-9798 mstrones@gmail.com www.strones.com
WI Washburn So. Shore
Open Water Rowing
Craig Schowalter (715) 373-0794


State City Dealer Contact Phone Email  Website
ON Gravenhurst Swift Canoe & Kayak Bill Swift (705) 687-3710 bill@swiftcanoe.com www.swiftcanoe.com
ON Grimsby Mapleleaf Rowers Greg Parker (905) 977-9122 greg@mapleleafrowers.com www.mapleleafrowers.com




City Dealer Contact Phone Email Website
Grebbestad Roddcenter Grebbestad Anne Berg 46 (0) 0704931112 info@roddcenter.se www.roddcenter.se
Solna Row Scandinavia AB Wim Lotze 46 (0) 829630 info@row.nu www.row.nu
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 aldenlogo Model Crew Waterline
chartBoats006 Alden 16 1 16′ 24″ 40 lbs 210 lbs
chartBoats007 Alden 18 1-2 18′ 29″ 50 lbs
40 lbs
475 lbs
 chartBoats004 Alden Star 22 1 21’8″ 18.36″ 50 lbs
45 lbs
275 lbs
 chartBoats008 Alden 29 Double 2 29′ 19″ 90 lbs
80 lbs
450 lbs
 chartBoats003 Alden Quest 16 1 16′ 24″ 47 lbs
42 lbs
210 lbs
chartBoats002 Alden Whitehall 16 1-2 16′ 24-28″
35″ overall
32 lbs-1x
56 lbs – 1x
18 lb /rigger
375 lbs

Inspiring Rowers for Over Four Decades


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