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  • Dockside Rowing Station
  • Row Right Slide Guides
  • Row Right Height Right


Dockside Rowing Station

Our Dockside Coaching Station guarantees correct pulling geometry and offers hands-on coaching – rather than coaching from a launch.  It’s an excellent tool for novice and experienced rowers and has proven to be invaluable for working with adaptive athletes.  Height adjustable, it can match any dock – and uses C2 adjustable foot clogs and oarlocks.

The ease with which our coaching station switches from port to starboard is remarkable, as is the installation and removal from your dock.  To switch from port to starboard, the knobs can be loosened by hand and then, the arm will pivot 180 degrees.  It’s simple and fast, as is switching the station for use as either a sculling or sweep rowing station.

The mounting plates required to secure the station to your dock are only ½” tall – and are barely noticeable, once the station has been removed.  And as with all Piantedosi-designed rigs, this coaching station is simple to use and built to last.


Base Dockside Unit                                 $595

Sweep Rigger                                           $100

Scull Rigger                                               $100

Base Unit, Sweep and Scull Riggers     $795

                                                                                                                                                                Flush Mounted Dock Plates 





Row Right Slide Guides

Hyperextension leads to various kinds of injury and knee pain.  Our Slide Guide was designed to correct bad habits that might otherwise lead to hyperextension and injury.


To prevent hyperextension, the Slide Guide is set where the athlete achieves the catch position (when shins are perpendicular).  It is an adjustable front stop that is easy to assemble and affix to the erg’s monorail (Models C, D and E).  No tools are required.  Simply slide the guide up against the seat roller and note the location on the accompanying scale.  Once you know your number, setting the Slide Guide will become as automatic as setting the heel height and the drag factor, when you get on the erg.


Proper power application and timing call for the rower's shins to be perpendicular at the catch. Anything beyond perpendicular is bio-mechanically less powerful, adversely effects catch posture and may lead to injury. Uncoached rowers tend to over-compress, because it may 'feel' more powerful.

The Slide Guide:

  • Eliminates inefficient over-compression that leads to checking down the boat.
  • Eliminates rocking into the catch that leads to a poor catch angle and power application.
  • Promotes a disciplined technique when the rower is fatigued.
  • Hitting the front stop is certainly annoying. The Slide Guide compels rowers to develop some sense of slide control coming to the front end no more rushing!Prevents the more flexible and less muscled athlete from impacting and injuring their Achilles tendon with the sliding seat.

 PRICE     Slide Guide Model 1  with low profile adjusting knobs     $19





Slide Guide Model 2

 This version has extended adjusting knobs that also function as calf supports, to limit hyperextension of the knee.  There are two sets of mounting holes to adjust the location of the calf supports. 

If you remove the calf supports, Model 2 will function as a Model 1.

PRICE Slide Guide Model 2      $29

And should you like to upgrade your Model 1 into a Model 2, the calf supports are available for $10.








Slide Guide Model 3

Women tend to have longer shins than men, so this model has an extension to place the calf supports closer to the ‘bow’ of the erg.  This model also uses the smaller knobs to adjust the location and lock in place, without the use of tools.

PRICE    Slide Guide Model 3              $39








Height Right

'Height Right' is a simple and inexpensive ($29) fixture that returns the chain guide to its rightful position.  No drilling or other modification is required - it quickly affixes with existing nuts and bolts.  The pin and plastic bushing can be quickly and easily set at one of three heights, depending on the stature of the rower.  The athlete will receive visual and auditory prompts, if they carry their hands too low.  We've endeavored to make the auditory prompts annoying.  'Row Right' and you'll never know it's there. 

On the erg, many athletes carry their hands too low during the recovery.  The reasons vary.  Fatigue may be the issue -- but typically, rowers who do this, do it from their first stroke on the erg. Low handle height leads to poor rowing form.  When you dip your hands at the catch, you develop the bad habit of opening with your back, missing water and putting check into the boat.

The disciplined rower sets his or her handle height early (as the hands come away) and attains full body angle before starting up the slide.  The erg, however, does not penalize the undisciplined rower who carries his or her hands too low on the recovery.


            Height Right                                 Height Right- Coaches View                                               Height Right- Rowers View

Our Height Right is a simple and inexpensive fixture that guides your hands to their rightful position.  No drilling nor other modification is required -- it quickly affixes to the erg with existing nuts and bolts.  The pin and plastic bushing can be quickly and easily set at one of three heights, depending upon the stature of the rower.  You will hear a thoroughly annoying clattering sound, when you carry your hands too low and will be immediately prompted to correct your form. 



For the undisciplined rower, carrying the hands low might give the sense of 'winding up' to throw oneself into the catch.  Oftentimes, this "winding up" draws down the shoulders leading to poor catch posture.  Thi, in turn, induces over-compression and over reaching, followed by flying open too early with the shoulders and "dumping" at the finish.  This behavior shows up on the water as "skying" and "rowing it in".  Similar bad habits can lead you to "rushing the slide" and "checking" the boat.  If your rowers take the majority of their strokes on the erg like this, how can you possibly expect them to go against that ingrained habit and get it right with their limited number of strokes on the water? 

Row right and you won’t know the Height Right is even there.

PRICE         Height Right     $29



Need some extra stability? Pontoons are a great idea for cold or rough water conditions. Use them to convert the narrowest shell into a teaching platform. Simply bolt on the low profile bracket to the end of any rigger, slide the height adjustment piece into the bracket, and use the stainless pin to attach the rigger. When you are done, a quick pull, and the entire height adjustment leg and pontoon can be removed for easy docking and storage.  Multiple height adjustment to accommodate different rower weights and wave conditions.

Materials- Rotomolded pontoon with 3-piece anodized aluminum attachment bracket, nylon height adjustment leg and stainless steel fittings.
Pontoon Size: 35" L x 5" W x 4" H
Weight: 10 lbs/pr

Price: $260/pr (Pontoons & bracket)