Alden Oars by Dreher


Alden has a variety of oars to meet the needs of the wide range of rowers we serve.  Most rowers now prefer oars made from carbon fiber over traditional wood.  Carbon fiber sculls are lighter and stiffer than wooden ones and require less maintenance.

We offer three stiff, low maintenance designs made from carbon fiber.  The shafts, handles and blades are made from pre-impregnated carbon fiber for superb balance and strength.

Adjustable Length Oars available by special order.






Price- $525/pair

Specs- 289cm long, 2.85 lbs/pr

The Hatchet blade is designed for powerful rowers who want no slip at the entry.  This style is used by many competitive rowers.  The larger sized blade uses a shorter shaft and has a very stiff feel for optimal power transfer.



Price- $525/pair

Specs- 289cm long, 2.85 lbs/pr

The Macon blade is the traditional spoon “tulip” profile.  The originals were hand carved from wood.  The Alden Macon updates this design with a race-proven shape offering excellent balance and a solid feel through the stroke. An excellent choice for those rowing our more tradtional boats like the Appledore and Whitehall.