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Surf Scull Rig

For Stand Up Paddleboards



Achieve the benefit of full body exercise that is only available by rowing.

Our unique and efficient sliding rigger system eliminates the ‘hobby-horsing’ experienced with a traditional sliding seat rig on a short hull.

Surf Scull Rig firmly attaches/detaches in seconds using specially designed attachment points that do not impede the normal use of your SUP.

Rowing a SUP is stable, fast, safe, and fun. Row in all water conditions. Works on inflatables and windsurfer boards, too.

Base: 55” x 12.5”, Wing 66”W, 19 lbs

Surf Scull (Rig only)………. $695

Carbon Fiber Sculling Oars …. $525

Rig and Oar Package Price …. $1150     






Watch the Alden SUP Surf Scull Rig in action on YouTube!



Alden SUP Surf Scull Rig Installation Video





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