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Alden Oarmaster III


The Alden Oarmaster was designed in 1971 for use in the original Alden 16 Rowing Shell. It has evolved into a sleek 18 lb self-contained drop in unit that is used now in the Alden 16, Alden 18, Appledore Pods and has even been adapted to use in handcrafted rowing boats of many designs. The Oarmaster is inserted into a pair of stainless steel anchor brackets and is secured with a pair of spring clips. Its popularity is based on the ease with which you can rig and unrig your boat in a matter of seconds. The wing rigger can be removed quickly for easy storage and transport.


Track length: 58″ L

Wing Rigger Width: 66″ W

Gunwale Height Range: 12″ H

Weight: 18 lbs


Black marine grade anodized aluminum with stainless fasteners and nylon stainless bearing wheels.

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Additional Information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 58" x 66" x 12" in