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Row Wing Sliding Seat


The RowWing is a drop-in rigger designed to convert any canoe or skiff into a sliding seat sculling boat.

Designed with fleets in mind, it can be used for either type of boat and will go in and out of a canoe much more quickly than the Scout Rig.  The RowWing will also break down into a more transportable and smaller size than the Scout Rig – should you be moving things around.  The greatest distinction between the two is that you can mount the RowWing rigger free and clear of the gunwale.  But if all you want to do is convert a canoe, use the Scout Rig.  It’s designed to clamp to the gunwales of a canoe and won’t convert other types of boats.

Attachment Kit Prices

Gunwale Clamp and Leg Leveling Kit   $165

Gunwale Plate and Leg Leveling Kit   $100

Deck Plate Kit   $60

Stanchion (Leg) Kit   $75


Click here for a PDF of mounting options.

Click here for assembly instructions.

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